About me

I've spent the last ten years exploring other careers in physics, human movement studies, defence, finance and management. While I found those jobs rewarding, I want to head in a new direction, set by my passion - writing.

I love taking vague concepts and turning them into clear, concise documents. I enjoy sharing stories about sports, destinations, events and the everyday. I get a kick out of describing your complicated research or technical process in a way that's easy for others to understand.

I'm available for professional writing consulting work. Rates are negotiable, especially for non-profit organisations.

About my blog
This is where I practise my art - writing. Some of it will be fact, some of it will be fiction and some of it will lie in that space between. Please feel free to post comments - it will help me improve.

The name of the blog... well, it has been like that for a long time. It was the name of my original poetry site. The name means something to me, and so it lives on.

Other writing
On Tumblr, I discuss my motivation for each Blind Rapture blog post: On The Run.
I occasionally blog about Running for the love of it, though I haven't been doing enough of that lately.
I'm not cool enough to have a Facebook fan page, but you can follow me on Twitter: @tamyka
Some of my writing posted here was stimulated by prompts from The Write Practice.

Here's what I told Trifecta: Because you asked…
I ask for feedback in this post: A note to my readers

Contact me
Phone: +61-433-782-669
Post: GPO Box 5010, Brisbane Qld 4001