Tuesday, October 04, 2016

Thunderstorm…an acrostic Parallelogram de Crystalline

Carry me
up with you, soaring on
majestic wings and rushing voices.
lust wells up and crashes
over me, tide of turbulent air.
Numb inside,
I tumble down again,
made heavy by your Antarctic words.
Building me
up always ends with me
sublimating to nothing once more.

About this piece

This poem is the first in Weather Our Souls, a series exploring weather patterns and elements as metaphors for the human condition and our relationships. There are few single-stanza poetic forms with the 12 lines I wanted for this acrostic; the cyclic nature of the Parallelogram de Crystalline suited my image of a relationship that grows and breaks down like rain or hail in a cumulonimbus. Thunderstorm was first published on Medium.com.

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