Thursday, September 29, 2016


Look —
skittering downtown…
frosty, windblown, grass-laden hill
bald on top, much like the one who brought me here to run.

About this piece

I spent my last night in deluxe boutique accommodation just outside Queenstown, which prompted this Fib poem.

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Friday, September 02, 2016

Flamingo…a trib-Fib

Three Cupcakes, by Elegantly Frosted

layers — 
decadence — 
swirling dark ganache,
floating, fluffy buttercream clouds,
morsels of delight: each Elegantly Frosted bite.

Ice Cream Sundae cupcakes,
by Elegantly Frosted (Instagram)

About this piece

Tonight I wrote a trib-Fib to the delectable cakes you can get from Elegantly Frosted. Trib-Fib is a name I came up with to describe a Fib poem written as a tribute. A Fib poem has syllable counts based on the Fibonacci sequence.)

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Thursday, September 01, 2016

Straight-talk (for the poets)…a Petrarchan sonnet (plus)

For sights we catch in our attentive gaze,
For all the convoluted plots we write,
For ev’ry piercing word we wield with might,
For epics full of tragic, dying ways,

For dreams that carry us throughout our days,
For fantasies that torture us each night,
For hope that lingers, longing for the light,
For paths that lead us safely through this maze,

For beauty lost beneath this filthy haze,
For blind injustice hiding in plain sight,
For soldiers lying dead after the fight,
For sailors sheltering in unmapped bays…

When ocean storms approach, we stay our course,
Courageously move forth with sails unfurled —
Where nature leads, we go without remorse;
When man opposes us with insults hurled,
Or silence falls, we shout until we’re hoarse:
We are the true plain-speakers of this world.

About this piece

The idea for this poem became stuck in my head as I read Poetry at Work by Glynn Young: poets are the ones who speak the hard truth. But we don't spoonfeed you—we feed you in ways that get you thinking. To add to the challenge, I went for the Petrarchan Sonnet.

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