Sunday, June 12, 2016


So urgently you give love,
so earnestly you show love, and in return
you ask so little: only that I accept
your love.

You do not ask how best to love me.
You do not ask if I want your love at all.
It goes without saying that I want your love—
of course I want your love!

It goes without saying that you get no answer—
you seek no answer.
You need no answer.
Of course, you do not ask.

You are committed to me.
You are committed to your love
and your love bears down
hard upon me

and friendship
and hope
are crushed
by the weight of love's expectations,

when love should expect nothing at all.

About this piece

I was—and still am—angry over the misguided belief that love must be not only accepted but also reciprocated, that if you fight for someone long enough they will realise they love you, too. It's not true. It's offensive. It's destructive. It's abusive.

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