Monday, June 20, 2016


I wake with a whimper,
I wake and I reach for you
in the darkness.

You stir.

I hold still.
I hold you close.
I hold my breath
in the darkness.

You settle.

I breathe.

I love you; I want
to be free with you forever. I want
to be free forever. I want
to be with you forever.

I settle
for a time, aware:
time moves on;
I hold still.

I hold your darkness.
I hold you

About this piece

I started writing this poem about waking up from a nightmare and reaching out to the man I love. But it equally well described waking up to a nightmare where the man I loved abused my trust. These two relationships could not have been more dichotomous; yet, from the outside, they presented exactly the same. First published in ~POETRY AFTER DARK~ on

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