Tuesday, June 14, 2016


See that pile over there?
The one with the magazines,
the sweater, and
last month’s wish list?

Not far down that pile,
just beneath the magazines,
the sweater, and
last month’s wish list,
you’ll find a book.

It’s not a long book.
It’s not even a good book. It’s just
something I threw together, probably
something I should’ve thrown out
but I didn’t.

It’s a book of words—
aren’t they all?

It’s a book of words for you,
a book that should never be read.
Leave those words to lie,
just beneath the vocalised.
Leave them to lie unsaid.

About this piece

This is another piece prompted by Robert Lee Brewer's Poem-a-Day Challenge of November 2012: a 'just beneath…' poem. As you might imagine, the poem contains elements of memoir—it's not unusual for me to pile up dissimilar items on the coffee table or chest of drawers.

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