Wednesday, March 30, 2016


I see her fear as she feigns frivolity.

I see her eyes flicker with fleeting hope.
Her halting stride falters; she flees
his next strike even as she runs
back to his hand.

He sees it, too, and
he sees that I see it, though
he never really sees her.

He only sees her belatedly elated smile,
struggling to surface from beneath
her innate loyalty and the weight
of a simple gold band.

Background image by Steven Straiton

About this piece

I wrote this tonight in response to the latest prompt on Three Word Wednesday
  • elated (adjective)
  • flicker (verb) 
  • halting (adjective)
In reviewing my own work, I picked up a valuable tip for new players: check which part of speech you're meant to be working with. In my first attempt, I used flicker as a noun and halting as a verb. (Oops. It's fixed now.)

If you're reading my work regularly, you'll know I spend a lot of time editing. Not tonight, though! So I'll probably go back and change this many times over before I put it in print.

 Three Word Wednesday

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