Wednesday, October 28, 2015


‘I didn’t do it.’ Zac shook his head.

‘You did!’

‘I didn’t, and you can’t prove otherwise.’

‘But I saw you do it, Zac!’

‘But you can’t prove it.’ He smiled.

Jenny frowned. ‘That doesn’t make it OK, Zac.’

‘I know. But you still can’t prove it. And that makes me OK. And that’s what matters to me.’

Jenny whirled around. The floor shook as she stormed off. Zac’s head shook as he watched her.

Vanessa's voice trembled behind him. ‘Zac, why’d you let her go?’

He turned, facing her in the darkness. Her shape was concealed. Only her breathing gave away her location. ‘I had no choice. What could I do?’

‘You should’ve hurt her, too.’

‘I don’t want to hurt her.’ He caught himself. ‘I don’t want to hurt anyone. And I didn’t hurt anyone—you did.’

Vanessa ignored that remark. ‘If she talks, it’s over. You know that, right?’

Zac nodded. ‘But she won’t tell anyone. They won’t believe her. She knows that.’

About this piece

As with Intruder, the goal of this piece was short sentences, but this time I tried to stick mostly to dialogue.

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