Monday, May 20, 2013

Hand (2004)

I held the sunlight in my hand,
A golden band upon my finger.
It lingers in forbidden places
And graces my palm with sweet designs.
The glowing lines entangled in flesh
To mesh with simple spirit and soul,
And make whole a beautiful heart
From parts in a mind so bright.

If we were to meet today
To play enlightened melodies,
The trees would shelter us from storms
And form a home, where we could be
So perfectly free. We two as one
Beneath the sun, upon the sand
To stand so tall and be so strong—
That song would be so sweet.

Calm (2004)

To love without question
And to feel with no regret
Is the sweetest taste of life.

It's been quiet today,
So quiet.
No thoughts have rushed in
To confuse me
And cloud what I know to be true.
The facts have rested,
Settled in,
And I have grown accustomed to their presence.
The pain is but a whisper,
Drowned out by the rapturous cries of life.

This is how it feels
To be free.

Believe (2004)

Some days,
Just a thought is enough –
A word is a promise,
A gift so true.

Some days,
Nothing can wash out the colour –
The day is a work of art
Painted by you.

Print me a page
Of memories and dreams,
And I will sing you the song
That lives in your heart.

Sunday, May 12, 2013


to think
I could walk
just get up and leave
this place

to dream
something lies beyond
just out of reach

to begin
a long journey
just one small step

to stay
to burn
to hate
to learn

to believe
it all began with you
but it ends with me

Not Love, Just Sick

Your flesh and my flesh would mingle so nicely…
It's an enticing thought, isn't it?
I like the taste of your name
As I roll it across my tongue.
Would your kiss taste so sweet?
I look at your hands that are rough like coarse sandpaper.
If you placed them on me tenderly
Would the abrasion leave me raw?
Would you file me down to what's soft beneath the surface?
A stinging, singing sensation
Like the buzz in my fingers
You can't see the mess swimming in my head,
Arising from your presence.
I sigh—you know why, so don't lie.
I feel that disdain that floats in on the breeze
To confuse that thread of hope
That persists despite all evidence
And insists this might be love…
But it's not love,
Just sick.

Thursday, May 02, 2013


she's a flame that's burning bright
that every night
you try to fight
to crush her down to ashes and coals

but she'll keep burning on and on
yeah she'll be alright

she's a flame that's spreading fast
let her past
she's made to last
here, then gone, she's moving on
you put her down but she's not out

no she'll keep burning on and on
yeah, she'll be alright

storms may blow in
seas may rise
her glowing embers spark alight
if rain and snow can't put her out
why'd you even try?
why'd you even try?

don't you know
she'll keep burning on and on
yeah, she'll be alright