Thursday, May 10, 2012


'What's the opposite of thrifty?'

Marie always asked the darnedest questions. This one threw me for a sixer, but I'm not one to admit ignorance. And I had a rough idea, anyway. 'Wasteful.'

She frowned. 'It can't be wasteful. It has to be something like thrifty. Say, dethrifty, or misthrifty, or unthrifty.'

I thought hard. 'Unthrifty sounds right.'

Juliana chose that moment to join us in the kitchen. She picked up the tea towel and took over drying the china. 'Unthrifty is right,' she agreed, 'unless you are referring to someone with no thrift at all. Then they are thriftless.'


Tara R. said...

This was very familiar. I like 'misthrifty' though, it has a nice cadence to it.

Teresa said...

What a great conversation!

Jester Queen said...

Hahah! I can totally imagine a conversation like this that would drive somebody who had "thriftless" tucked in their back pocket NUTS. I was SO relieved when Julia finally said it!!

Anonymous said...

I loved this piece because the dialog (something I always struggle with and usually sidestep) is so natural, so conversational. Good job!