Tuesday, April 17, 2012


I thought she would come
to see me,
after that. But
she never did.
She never saw who I was.

Instead there came
an endless stream of
masked men and women,
and dogs.

Through the crowds
I fought,
seeking the empty space
within. I did without
those things to which
I had become accustomed.

And noise assaulted my ears,
and delicious aromas taunted me,
and my eyes beheld infinite darkness
while small hairs pricked up
on my arms and
my neck.

Then one voice spoke silence, and
the rivers stopped flowing.
Seas surged and storms swept overhead
while the seasons stood still.

Beneath the tempest
I waited.
I heard her from
far away, and
I thought she would come. But
she never did.


Melanie said...

Nice, T. Quite surreal.

Is this person in a coma?

tamyka said...

Wow, Mel—great question. I hadn't really thought about where this person was. I just had this impression of someone being lost, floating, drifting, unable to reach what they needed. Reading back over it, I think that fits my impression of a coma (admittedly an uneducated impression).