Thursday, August 11, 2011

"Sure, you're a full-time student, but you're not a real full-time student..."

I've already announced that I'm going back to university, this time to study a Master of Arts (Writing). I found what I believe is the best course for me. This particular "me" does not learn well by sitting in semi-darkened rooms, listening to lecturers who read their slides out aloud. This particular "me" also happens to be undecided on the particular genre in which I should specialise. Therefore, I enrolled in an online course through Swinburne University of Technology, so that I can study in my own time and interact with others through my preferred medium (and chosen discipline) of writing.

Unfortunately for me, I'm not deemed to be a real full-time student, according to Queensland Transport. It seems that I'd only qualify as one of those if I signed up for a twelve week course at a university campus in Queensland (or Tweed Heads) and visited the campus for a minimum of twelve hours per week. Yes, it's true: only full-time internal students of Queensland institutions are eligible for a concession.

Now, last time I checked, Queensland Transport didn't specify that students were only to use their concession tickets to go to lectures or tutorials. The concession applies to all trips on public transport (except, of course, trips to the airport, which can never be discounted). I'm also certain they don't follow concession card holders around to ensure they're spending their minimum twelve hours on campus. They could be spending the whole week at the pub, for all Queensland Transport knows or cares. So why is the concession only available to internal students?

As more courses are being offered online and more students are taking up the offer, the concession scheme seems unfair and archaic. Get with the times, Queensland Transport.