Wednesday, July 13, 2011

It wasn't a day off at all

Hi there, and thanks for dropping by.

I've just submitted my first article to WeekendNotes and I am eagerly awaiting the editor's response. (Yes, of course I will link to it once it goes live, and you can subscribe to my future reviews.) There's another review that I want to write for the site tomorrow.

I stumbled across their job advertisement on SEEK and decided to apply as a paid writer. The application process was incredibly simple and practical. While I won't get paid a huge sum per article, it will certainly be greater than (or equal to) what I'd earn posting the same review on my blog. My main motivation, however, is that the editors are going to provide feedback on my writing and how it fits with their submission guidelines, which will be very valuable experience for me.

I'm also working on a website for a friend (and I won't post it until it's done, lest you think the current state of the site was my doing) and I've been to a couple of job interviews. So, it's all moving along quite well, I think.

But, yes, I will post something a bit more creative in the coming days. I can feel it building.

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