Wednesday, June 29, 2011

I can't show you their names

My writing project for today has been quite difficult, but I am persisting. I have been writing LinkedIn recommendations for my former colleagues. It's challenging because I don't want to use weasel words, but I do want corporate types to understand what I write.

I wasn't going to say any more, but then I realised that the vast majority of you won't know these people, so I've just deleted their names and published what I wrote about them.  Those of you that do know these people can see these recommendations on LinkedIn anyway, but I urge you to see if you can guess who I'm talking about first. I'll also add one that I posted last month.

The lovely Ms Z

Z has a brilliant mind and the personality to match it, making her a pleasure to work with.  She brought a contagious energy and enthusiasm to my team at COY. With the big picture constantly in her mind, she created opportunities to improve not only her own work, but processes and systems across the entire office.

Always eager to learn, Z was the first PD to really engage with the technical staff in the nitty gritty of their roles. She never shied away from a new challenge, such as researching and comparing training providers and courses in the absence of a training manager. I recall asking her to draft a PowerPoint presentation from my meeting notes, which required substantial extra research on her part. It was such a good slideshow that I asked her to present it; she did an amazing job.

Z's talents as a PD are unquestionable, but I believe she would excel in a challenging role that combined client liaison with independent or team research and report writing.

The incredible Mr Y

Y is a talented and committed developer who was a pleasure to work with. Understanding the importance of the context behind the business rules, he asks the right questions to get clear requirements from his customers. He is adaptable and intelligent, and was quick to learn the nuances of working with financial data from multiple vendors.

Have you met Mr X?

X is an enthusiastic worker who can energise his teammates to achieve great results. His thirst for knowledge enables him to apply his strong analytical skills across a broad range of interest areas.

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thanks for the link to weaselwords, Tanky. Some great things to read there...